Struggling With Your Dog's Behavior?

Pulling on leash, over reacting to dogs or people, digging, jumping up on guests, always overexcited, fearful? Learn to address behavior by changing how your dog relates to you and its world!

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Dog Behavior Training & Pet Owner Coaching

Colonel Tom Kelly trains and rehabs behaviorally challenged dogs to help them become well-mannered and contented members of their families. Tom's training isn’t just for the dogs. Tom also coaches the humans on how to create a more successful home environment for their dog.

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Group Training

“You and your dog will both be happier”

Sign up for group behavior training classes and learn how to change your dog’s behavior for the better through a relationship based training model. You will be amazed at how small changes in your behavior will create dramatic changes in your dog. Learn to lead your dog – You will both be happier!

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Contented Canines

Looking for Private Coaching?

Our Private Dog Training includes a behavior consultation, a written assessment with specific training recommendations, and one-on-one training for you and your dog.

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