Training Methods

I follow a relationship-based training strategy that is based on understanding the world from the dog’s point of view and using that understanding to influence the dog’s choices and behavior. I also integrate key elements of the Training Between the Ears (TBTE) training system.


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Behavior and Training Assessment

Face to face (snout) assessment of dog behavior and environment. Get immediate actions to help address identified issues and a recommended plan to change you and your dog’s life together for the better. You will be amazed at how small changes in YOUR behavior can dramatically change your dog's behavior! Includes 1 month subscription to the CO-OP, FaceBook-based training resource group.

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Group Foundation Training

Learn to live well with another species! Your dog is its best when it sees the human as its leader! Focus: dog psychology, canine communication, and creating a calm, willing follower by earning your dog’s respect and trust. 5 sessions-Includes booklet, cot and leash.

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$695 in-studio / $850 in-home

Private Foundation Training

Builds a balanced relationship of mutual respect and trust between you and your dog using simple exercises and a structured program. Helps create a contented canine (and human) by resolving both your and your dog’s frustrations! The Private Foundation Training Program includes 8 plus hours of training, written materials, a training leash and premium dog cot. It provides for flexible scheduling, can include the whole family and it is available as either in studio or in-home.

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$1450 - $3550

"Jump Start" Foundation Training

10-30 day Board and Train or Day Training model where I initially train your dog his Foundation basics. Let me do the heavy lifting on improving your dog’s behavior, THEN you get a 2-hour go-home lesson and 3 follow-up sessions to train YOU. Ideal for folks with more money than time or situations where the dog needs to reset in a new environment.

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Private “A La Carte” Training Services

Varies by Objectives and Assessment, Requires a Separate Assessment Consultation

One on one training to address specific behavioral or training issues.

Adoption Selection

Dog to Dog Introductions

Treadmill Training

Temperament Evaluations

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