Relationship Based Behavior Modification (RBBM) Workshop


Nelson Hodges’ RBBM 3-Day workshop!

Contented Canines LLC is honored to host Nelson Hodges of the Canine-Human Relationship Institute. He will be conducting his 3 Day Relationship Based Behavior Modification workshop at our facility in February 2020.

Register and Pay Here:

Dates: Friday, February 21 – Sunday, February 23, 2020.
Time: 8:30am-5:00pm (Class starts at 9:00am. Please arrive early to allow dogs bathroom breaks and to settle in)
Location: Contented Canines, 621 Lady Street Columbia SC 29201
Fee: $450 per person
*20% discount for second person in family (May also bring a dog).
*20% discount for Active Duty Military, First Responders and prior Service Agency & Special OP. personnel.

No audit spots if you are unable to bring a dog, please contact us and we will provide you with a dog to work with.

Snacks & beverages will be provided.
Bring your own lunch or enjoy a large number of options within an easy walk (many have dog friendly outside seating).
Group dinner on Saturday evening will be coordinated but is NOT included. Please RSVP in registration for reservation purposes if you plan to attend.

* Attendees are encouraged to bring a dog, although the handler must be able to maintain safe control of the dog around people and other dogs, and the dog must be able to be comfortable in a crate. Please do not bring a severely fearful or aggressive dog. The skills and lessons taught are easily transferred to your dog at home should he/she not be suitable for the workshop.

*All Attendees must bring a crate for their dog. If you cannot bring one, please contact us ahead of time so that we can arrange to have one available for you.

*As Dogs may be separated from handlers for up to 90 mins at a time, all attendee dogs must be able to stay calmly and quietly in crates. Again, we will do everything possible to accommodate but out of consideration for the speaker, Nelson, and the attendees, dogs must be able to remain quietly separated. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly and we will discuss options for you and your dog.

This workshop will be as inclusive as possible. If you have questions or concerns about you or your dogs ability to participate, please contact us as we will do our best to accommodate.

The Program:
Nelson Hodges’ approach focuses on better awareness and understanding of canine psyche and communication. Every individual who interacts with dogs, particularly in their professional life, will benefit from learning how to better communicate with any dog by respecting their perspective and language. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn the fundamentals of non-verbal canine communication from one of the finest canine behavior specialists in the world.

Nelson Hodges, IACP – CDT, CDTA, PDTI, CIS, of Canine Content, President at Canine- Human Relationship Institute, IACP Board of Directors, has spent more than 40 years rehabilitating animals and studying the behavior, brain, language, and motivations of canines.

Mr. Hodges will cover multiple aspects of communicating with dogs in a natural and respectful way in order to build trust sooner and provide a means to bridge the understanding gap that creates behavior problems in dogs living with humans.

He has developed a method named Relationship Based Behavior Modification (RBBM) and is currently writing a book on the canine brain, language, motivations and behaviors titled, If You Want To Learn How To Talk To Your Dog, Shut Your Mouth

Workshop Outline:
1. Introduction / Concept of Rehabilitation
Canine Rehabilitation Methodology: Relationship Based Behavior Modification
“If you want to learn how to talk to your dog, shut your mouth.”
Pack Walk: Meaning / Intent / Exercise
2. Canine History / DNA: Canine Background / Predator of Opportunity / Canine Behavior Influences
3. Basis of Language: Purpose and Intent
4. Audience Participation Exercise: Language
5. Sociality and Understanding Behavior
6. Canine Language
7. Conversations Instead of Words
8. Discussion of and Meanings & Purpose of Play
9. Audience Participation Exercise: Positional Experimentation and Meaning
10. Appropriate Levels of Response
11. Oppositional Responses
12. Audience Participation Exercise: Conversations with Dogs
Pack Walk / Fearful Dogs: Recognition of Fearful vs Wary / Rude Dogs: Recognition
13. Aggressive Dogs: Recognition, means and methods, bite awareness and avoidance.
14. Behavior WITH Training, not vs.
15. Exercise A: Being “with” – testing and trusting.
16. Hands on Conversations with the Dogs.
17. Exercise B: Positional Understanding
18. Language Exercise: Direction and Cooperation
19. Review of Language / Interaction
20. Q&A Session